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City of Battle Creek Controls Upgrade

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Currently in process of upgrading the controls on (4) Sharples Super-D-Canter centrifuges. Installing smaller VFD driven WEG motors, AllenBradley Controls, and many bells and whistles to keep the machines running safely for several more years.

City of Battle Creek, MI had these (4) Sharples Super-D-Canter centrifuges installed approximately 20 years ago. Originally equipped with a DC Electric Motor backdrive system, they were converted to hydraulic driven backdrive approximately 12 years ago. The centrifuges are in fine operating condition however the controls have become outdated as their SCADA system developed. After reviewing the scope of the project with the team at the city, E3 Integrated was selected to complete the contract.

Sharples centrifuge control retrofit screen
Centrifuge Overview Display

Of primary concern was machine monitoring systems as this equipment typically runs for weeks on end with minimal supervision. We added sensors to monitor bearing vibration and temperature, hydraulic oil temp, lubrication oil temp and centrifuge vibration. With this information we could clearly trend the data as well as warn or shutdown the machine.

A second facet of the project included downsizing of the main drive motors. As these machines previously were of a DC Backdrive arrangement, the bowl motor HP calculation needed to incorporate the "braking" being done by the DC Motor. The 300 HP Wye-Delta start motors were replaced by 200 HP WEG Premium Efficiency Motors operating though AllenBradley 753 drives.

E3 Integrated has completed several control retrofits of this nature throughout the US including installation, commissioning and process optimization.


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