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CAD support covers a broad range of services.  When the engineering is complete but the documentation is not, we are able to provide the necessary CAD support.

  • 3D Electronic Catalog Support

  • 2D to 3D Conversions

  • FEA Analysis

  • 3D Printing


3D Catalog Content

When we were designing an automated drilling station, we realized that the drill manufacturer didn't have any 3D models of their products. To ensure proper (documentation we worked closely with their representative to create their entire product catalog in 3D format and published directly to a 3D Content Central Account.  Having 3D content is critical in today's manufacturing environment.


3D Conversions

A 3D recreation of a standard product catalog was requested from this client.  Within 3 weeks our team converted the entire catalog to 3D along with providing part drawings for this customer.


FEA Reports

A customer approached E3 to complete  an FEA of an existing product in their catalog. They had specific conditions the parts needed to meet. Our FEA confirmed the parts were meeting what the end user expected from the parts.


3D Printing

From prototypes and replacement parts to 3D scale models.

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