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Current Inventory

Take advantage of immediate availability and skip the mark-up by purchasing direct from our warehouse floor.  These items are currently in-stock and ready to ship with only minor job specific additions or modifications required.  Call today to discuss an item in further detail or to receive a quote. 

1200mm Filter Press


# of Chambers: 75

Filter Plate Size: 1200mm x 1200mm

Filter Capacity: 2887 litres (102 cu.ft.) Plate Stack Length: 4.71m (185.51") Max Pressure: 8 bar (117.60 psig)

Feed Type : Center

Total Filter Area: 183.46m² (1,974.07ft²) Filtrate Porting : 4 Ports

Shifter: Auto / Hydraulic


Polymer Delivery System

This polymer delivery system is designed for 10-30 GPM of polymer makedown, aging and precise delivery.  A fully automatic Nema 4X control system is available, or the system could be easily integrated into an existing system controller.

  • 400 Gallon 304SS Aging Tank

  • 10 GPH Neat Polymer Dosing Pump

  • 5-30 GPM Solution Delivery Pump



Hydraulic Power Unit

Designed as variable speed flow control with an Elika helical gear pump, this 40 Hp power unit is designed for flow up to 23 GPM at 3000 PSI.  Water cooled and smart IO-Link sensor technology for flow, temp, level and pressure.  

Call for current stock status and price.

48 x 72  or 63 x 96

Spiral Wound Pressure Vessels

Originally purchased as the media vessel for Activated Carbon and Water Softener systems, these tanks are surplus and can be sold as is.  Available with distributors and flange connections.

Call for current stock status and price.



  • 304 SS Base

  • Dual 1.5 Hp AMT Self Priming Pumps

  • PVC-80 Piping

Call for current stock status and price.



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