Machine Design Experience 

Our engineering expertise is built around years of experience with different industries and manufacturing processes.  We have in depth experience with OEM machine design, assembly cells and custom machines.  Our experience is not only the design, but with the manufacturing and operation of each.  This experience across industries and vertically engaged at all levels is proven in the machine design projects featured below.


The most efficient use of materials was evaluated through FEA analysis and became the foundation for this modular 30 Ton vertical injection molding press. E3 developed this design in cooperation with the engineers at Gluco-Tannewitz.


Working with the standard Built products and manufacturing processes, E3 designed this automated foam injection work cell.


This is an example of our unique cure fixture and test cell, which is integrated with controls to adjust cure times and validate coil resistance. 


Using Kenrie expertise throughout the design, this project delivered to the U.S. Navy is dedicated to horizontal honing of submarine driveshaft bushings. 

Grand Rapids Controls

Grand Rapids Controls required a complete assembly table for a customer. The system uses several long stroke cylinders, part position optic sensors, electric current testing and a hand held screwdriver with custom controls.

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