Static Screen Separators

Static screen separators, otherwise known as wedge wire screens, are one of the simplest ways to efficiently separate solids from a waste stream.  The static screen follows the principals of Henri Coandă, where particles in an accelerated fluid stream tend toward the lower pressure area while the fluid as a whole follows a curved path.  This effectively pulls solids away from the wedge wire as the stream of water is literally shaved away leaving only the solids to tumble down the face.   

This product is custom designed to match flow rates, solids loading and capture rate.  A gravity drain dewatering belt is an available option to reduce water and spray bypass.

Static Screen while in use for starch recovery system
static screen seperating starch from water


A clip of our 24" Static Dewatering Screen in operation at a starch recovery application.  This unit was delivered with a dewatering load-out belt to minimize free liquid loss. 

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