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The Optimum Polymer Delivery System


Batch Polymer Delivery Systems are custom designed to meet the exact requirements of the application including retention time, dosage and controls options. We have preferred suppliers for the delivery pumps but will accommodate customer needs for customer preferred pumps.

Equipment Features:

  • Stainless Tank

  • Low Energy Aging Tank

  • Positive Displacement Solution       Pump

  • Low Shear Solution Agitator

  • Direct Drive Activation Mixer

  • Low Shear Solution Mixer

  • Simplified Controls

  • Clear Post Mixing PVC Piping

The full featured E3-PDS-B batched polymer delivery system meets the demands of a higher functioning polymer delivery system.  With a focus on activation energy and aging time, this system generates and delivers unmatched solution consistency. The system is equipped with standalone or integrated controls including pre-fill, drain, flush and auto-calibration. 

Process Features:

  • Precise And Consistent Solution Concentration

  • Precise And Consistent Solution Delivery

  • High Energy Mixing

  • Low Energy Mixing

  • Variable Polymer Solution Aging

  • Consistent Makedown

  • Complete Polymer Activation

Jar Testing

A crude but effective demonstration of the sludge to polymer reaction. This shows how properly activated and aged polymer reacts. 

E3-PDS-B virtual tour


Take a quick virtual tour (Available on desktop computer/Laptop) or download a printable product brochure.

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