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Shaftless Conveyor Systems

shaftless conveyor system transfer material from machine to truckbed

The TSC product line was designed with shaftless screw conveyors for optimal performance and conforms to CEMA standards and can be used for other project applications. The TSC product line has proven to be more cost effective and superior in it's capabilities than similar products on the market.


Standard Features:

  • 3D Site Layout

  • 10 Gauge 304SS troughs

  • Tivar 88 UHMW Wear Liner

  • CEMA Standard Dimensions

  • NORD Gearmotor with CEMA SCP

Standard Options:

  • 10" 12" 14" Trough Diameters

  • 1020, 4140HT, Stainless Steel Helix Materials

  • Pull-Cords, Cover Switches, and Zero Speed Switch

  • Inlet and Discharge motorized gates.

  • Custom Controls



Video of (2) TSC-1200 screws feeding a common horizontal discharge screw.

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