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E3 Design Success

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

At E3 Integrated Engineering, our systems integration process includes identifying applying the exact technology to each aspect of the project. In the case of solids dewatering the treatment with polymer is a critical factor in the capture rate, cake dryness and most significant the cost of the process. Most polymer systems on the market today are in-line systems where polymer and water are blended and subsequently delivered via the available water pressure. This can work fine in some applications and is generally lower cost equipment but certainly not optimum.

We needed to make a change in the way that liquid polymer was activated and introduced into our integrated centrifuge dewatering systems. What we needed was not available in the market and with the limitations we had with space and budget we turned the problem over to the product design team. Our design process broke the problem down to finite issues that were addressed individually and integrated into a cohesive system that exceeded all our individual requirements.

Batch type polymer activation and blending pump delivery system for centrifuge dewatering process
Polymer Delivery System installed on a dewatering centrifuge skid.

Based on years of experience designing, building, and more importantly operating these systems, we started with the most basic requirements; What does the polymer need, what does the process need, what does the operator need. By defining the requirements to satisfy each of these, our engineering team was able to develop a much simplified yet higher functioning polymer delivery system. We refined the form of the system to the point we are today where we are ready to share our success alongside our competitors.

Our production design shown above features the following to ensure optimum usage.

· Dilution water flow is constantly measured to determine neat polymer flowrate

· Controller calculates flowrate based on specified solution concentration

· Activation mixer blends neat polymer and water and delivers to aging tank

· Aging tank includes a dwell section to provide low energy mixing

· Level sensor controls level and aging time as well as pump calibration data

· Progressive cavity pump accurately and gently delivers solution

· Controls provide for pre-fill, drain, and calibrate functions.

We carry this design philosophy throughout other E3 products as well we offer our integrated engineering services to other valuable OEM’s.


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